Monday, December 20, 2010

Floracopeia Essential Oils - The People's Medicine

This is a very generous offering from David Crow - Founder of Floracopeia Essential Oils. Their oils are a huge cornerstone in the healing I've done in my own life and the healing work that I offer clients. Herbal medicine is "the people's medicine" - natural plant based medicine from the Earth as we return to her and align ourselves with her medicine. Enjoy :)

Free Audio Download: Dharma of Essential Oils and The Flowering of Spiritual Culture

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Oshun ~ An Orgasmic Water Invocation

On Tuesday a storm swept through New York, the night thunderstorms raged and thrashed, the water Goddess roared her wrath and then lay still - thick in her humid sexual afterglow... This piece was inspired by that night.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Isis Phoenix on Theatre & Tantra

I had a delightful time watching this 2003 video of my final theatre performance in Tulsa, before I moved to New York City and the interview that followed in 2007 with my friend Steve Otero, the manager of Sexy Spirits.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Reclaiming Natural Ecstasy

Dear Ones,

I am just back from a glorious week in the green mountains of Vermont celebrating a late Lughnasadh - the ancient first harvest festival with the Celtic Witch Priestess who initiated me onto my path and her new apprentice who is already in the throws of this life changing ancient transformative magic that is permeating the season. Vermont continues to be a place that inspires magic, transformation and access to open portals of wisdom from the proximity of the land and the way the community must live in relationship to it. I spent my days stacking fire wood, hanging a bat house, perusing the local markets and fairs and cooking good wholesome food all the while reminded of the depth and magic of simple Earth-based living and the beauty of human existence when it falls into right relationship with the planet. My body aches this morning from the hard manual labor of the past week and I smile with a deep pleasure at the sensual wholeness of the return to the land. A conversation that spun out of this time was the "turn on" of human existence when we reach this integrated relationship. When we are simple doing what we are here to do and living the way we are here to live. My dear friend the Celtic Witch Priestess spoke of her new apprentice's new amazement at her own limitless and expanded sexual energy and how it now colored every part of her life. I laughed, remembering my own initiations unfolding to the natural state of being sexually functional, always turned on - reclaiming the ancient brain and animal body of our existence and plugging into the Earth's perpetual state of orgasm - how truly exuberant existence becomes.

A meditation - When in your life do you experienced true wholeness and interconnectedness? Where is desire and passion currently running through your life? Are you following it freely or resisting it? What would shift in your life if you consciously plugged into this energy all the time?

In Natural Ecstasy,

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Death of the Maiden: Transitioning from Maiden, to Priestess-Mother-Wife

Death of the Maiden: Transitioning from Maiden, to Priestess-Mother-Wife


There has been space since my last post where transformation, archetype shifts and life-changes have rocked my core. Most I speak to have undergone or are undergoing transformation in their lives as our consciousness continue to climb the ladder of ascension and the old world and old ways continue to fall away.

Both full moon and new moons in June and July were met with eclipses symbolizing a time of climactic fulcrums, new beginnings, transformation and renovation. My own journey lead to the marriage to my Beloved of four years on June 26th. During the transition before marriage, the Priestess I previously apprenticed with and four Goddesses Sisters escorted me through the gateway of transformation with the powerful ceremony - Death of the Maiden. A ritual unlike any I have ever experienced, I am reminded of ancient times where group rites of passage for both men and women were held in sacred community rituals and not ushered through bars in drunken stupors like many are today.

I chose a black dress for the occasion - symbolizing this death transition from Maiden to Priestess Mother Wife. My Goddess sisters, draped in flaming colored sarongs, escorted me to a sacred grotto in the back hills of Vermont where streams converged into pools and fairies and nymphs danced freely amidst us celebrating our coming. I waded into the excruciatingly cold water and called the maiden to me, feeling all she was, all the days she served me, her flirtation, her playfulness, her eternal youth - We embraced each other singing a soft swan song as she stroked my cheek and said our final good-byes. My Priestess sisters encircled me, walking me to the waters edge and veiled in black, I began my descent. I sucked in air, hit by the cold water stream and descended into the frigid underworld as the black dress billowed around my waist. In a final breath, I submerged myself completely - deep silence in the freezing underwater and in the gateway of transition - She left me. The black dress rose up over my head and fell from my body to the bottom of the grotto's swimming hole, and I watched her go, this delightful archetype and season of woman that is part of every woman's life. I paused for a second/an eternity in the magic of the in-between - and then crashed through the surface - gasping for air - new life re-born of the mother's womb - this archetype awakening in me - naked, powerful, I rose from the waters - reborn.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Gender Imbalance In Balance

The gender paradigm can often rouse passionate responses and heated dialogues from almost anyone who has actively explored masculine and feminine roles in our society. Today, on Mother’s Day, I pause to look back at the presence of the feminine in my life and reflect on how grateful I am to be such a privileged woman in the west who has had a myriad of powerful female teachers, mentors and leaders who have influenced my own spiritual maturity as a woman.

In the arch of my spiritual journey, the roles of masculine and feminine energy have influenced the core of my spiritual evolution because they exist at the very heart of our culture and the heart of our evolution as a species.

I’ve had my fare share of heady and aggressive conversations about the feminist movement, the monotheistic male center of patriarchal religion, the concept of Goddess and the place of the uprising divine feminine. As a fierce representation of the uprising feminine, I fought hard in my college years to let the voice of the feminine be heard and to quench my own insatiable thirst for mainstream information in reference to the sacred feminine and presence of Goddess Worship in the barren lands of Midwest America. My formal teachings of the Divine Feminine came behind closed doors and under a covenant of secrecy from the town witch, and while what she was teaching me may have cast me as a heretic in the Bible belt, today, it rolls off my tongue and passes through conversations between my friends, clients and community as quickly and easily as someone might discuss the weather.

In my flag-waving feminist days, however, I declared myself a female refugee of the patriarchy and quite often entered into relationship with men where I both dominated and resented their position as man and masculinized my position as woman in an effort to climb out of the years of patriarchal oppression and absence of choice. I martyred myself and my poor unsuspecting boyfriends at the time who fell helplessly in love with a women claiming her Goddesshood and owning her wrath of centuries of oppression and abuse. The early uprising feminist spiritual movement was laced with Martyrdom and rightly so after centuries of silence and oppression. In my individual uprising of ushering in the proclamation of the Goddess, I worked directly in the wound of the feminine, answering calls at Domestic Violence Intervention Services trying to put myself in a path of creating change and healing the world. I directed the Vagina Monologues, raised money to stop violence against women, took back the night. I became self-identified with what David Deida refers to as ‘Stage Two Feminine’ where the feminine embodies her inner warrior and challenges the masculine to meet her on that plane of existence. She has become empowered, liberated and demands equality and at times superiority on every level. She works under the solar influence of the masculine, not resting or nesting or nurturing but constantly creating, fighting the activist’s fight and coping with adrenal burnout from over-embodying dominant solar energy.

Today the split is mending and we are moving into an age of partnership, a time where the energies of God/Goddess are uniting within us and outside of us. The third stage of the feminine is the stage of partnership, a stage of inner God/Goddess Harmony, within and without. It is also a stage where we consciously embrace and celebrate our born gender identity knowing we can shift among all stages interchangeably. The feminine, becomes all aspects of the feminine AND masculine but rests in the love and balance of wholeness of her feminine body and archetype by choice of nature’s script and soul purpose. The masculine rests fully in his role as male after actively embracing his feminine and moving through his stages of masculine maturity and evolution.

The masculine/feminine relationship thrives from the inside returning to the oneness and balance it evolved out of from Source – God/Goddess consciousness. Many of us New Agers who have ridden out our own liberation from gender roles bemoan gender identification and the masculine feminine gender paradigm citing ‘people are people,’ but to know each energy separately is to know it as part of the whole as well. Just as on a Shamanic level the elements make up our world – Earth, Wind, Water, Fire, Ether, so do the masculine and feminine dance make up our universe and these very primary energies are at the core foundation of our creative archetypes. To disassociate from them, we must know them fully balanced both within and without and also be able to re-release them back to the cosmic void which often results in returning to them, acknowledging them, playing in these roles and stages of the masculine and feminine interchangeably and consciously and then releasing them to that cosmic source void of the universe once again.

Today, on mother’s day, I pause to look back at the presence of the feminine in my life. I look at the promises I made to myself in the arch of my feminine journey as woman. Promises about never getting married or having children and today I find myself on my way to marriage and for the first time in my life, hearing the future whispers of family life within me, which had always been previously met with silence or wounded protests. Today I find myself celebrating my role as woman, as matriarch, standing next to a partner who embodies all aspects of the divine masculine and acknowledges his feminine core. Today I stand and acknowledge the ushering in the age of partnership and holding a vibration of wholeness as we move towards healing ourselves, healing our partners, healing our planet.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Our Warriors

There was a time, an ancient time, when our men came home from battle and were cleansed through the temples of Priestesses before returning home to their families and into society. These sexual priestesses lay with warriors healing, transforming and washing clean the wounds of war and the energetic and psychological traumas from it. I spoke to Marine Colonel today after our yoga session who reminded me, one never stops being a Warrior even after the battle is done. I could see that based on the professionalism he addressed to me through our first email correspondence: his punctual nature, his early confirmation of our appointment, his discipline and training of his body. He was a man who had trained, transformed and disciplined himself and served his country, his community and himself with meticulous attention and self-respect. My meeting with this warrior today had reminded me of this essay I wrote back at Christmas that I never posted. It also reminded me of our alienation of our soldiers, our warriors, our veterans. How are we honoring these men and woman who have served our country and how are we as a society assisting them into reintegration? Please enjoy my previous essay.

Love & Blessings,


Serviceman’s Discount in May (includes current servicemen and veterans, policemen, firemen, EMSA and Hazmat – 20% off any drop-in session. Id required. Thank you for your service.

Giving Voice to your Journey: Submit your story of service. One person and their story in May will be selected to receive a free Sensual Shamanic Bodywork Session.

December 28th, 2009

I was standing online at Newark Liberty Airport. It was just after Christmas, Sunday, December 27th and after the attempted terror attack on America just two days earlier, I had excepted long lines and heightened security measures, but the Goddess was good to me and there were no lines to stand in as I checked into my flight. I removed my shoes and shuffled sock footed up to the plastic tubs and x-ray machine, when I first saw him. A hardened looking black man under a thermal shirt, aged, late forties a bit of grit around the edges of his aura like he had seen things most of us hadn’t. He’ll get screened, I thought, instantly slipping into our countries default racial profiling. Until I saw his hat, “Retired Army – Still Serving.” Right, Scratch that. My thoughts raced back to the Oliver Stone film Platoon, I had seen for the first time on Christmas Eve, just a few days before and began to reopen my inner soul-stirring contemplation about the current embodiment of the Warrior archetype in our culture.

Before boarding my flight, I had attempted to change my seat assignment several times to avoid being in the much loathed ‘center seat’ read – no arm rests and claustrophobia the entire trip. I eventually resigned to take it, after no other seat options presented themselves. On making my way to my begrudged center seat, even more annoyingly near the back of the plane, I saw the army man who had gone through security before me, was in the window seat next to my designated spot. In this moment of recognition, I felt the unmistakable zing from the universe when a moment of synchronicity unfolds before me, preparing my soul to learn, experience, and transform. I stored my bag and hunkered down in my middle seat unsure of what to say to the man next to me of whom I was prepared for divine teachings to pour through. Rather than speak to soon, we had several hours of intimate contact in a plane together ahead of us, I closed my eyes and tuned into my veteran seatmate’s energy field. It had been places, that much was clear. I felt his spirit – even, calm, but very powerful – the presence of a warrior archetype.

“You can use this arm rest if you like,” I heard the voice next to me say. I opened my eyes and saw a gentle glow coming from the eyes of a man who had served our country, not only a warrior, but also a gentleman. “Thanks” I said, “if you’re not careful I may use your shoulder as a pillow too.” He laughed and I detected the hint of an island dialect in his voice. “You’re in the army?” I asked. “Retired, for a few years now, I train recruits” he said. “How long did you serve?” “Over twenty years, I enlisted in my thirties after I moved here from Aruba.” Older than I thought. “I just watched the film Platoon.

“Great movie,” he said. “Probably the most real depiction of what it’s like inside our world.”

Over the next few hours of flying, I detained this former sergeant from getting any shut-eye, quzzing him from my civilian groupie stand-point on the Warrior archetype, ethics of combat, idolization and ostracization of warriors, and the Hollywood-ization of war and afterwards began to draw a more defined picture of the Warrior archetype.

In the film Platoon set in the Viet-Cong, young and seasoned soldiers most soul-crushing combat occurs not battling against the Viet-Cong Guerrillas and North Vietnamese, but fighting within their own platoon and among their own friends, teachers and fellow soldiers. Charlie Sheen’s character Chris Taylor, speaks in the end of the film of his war initiations the shadow and light aspects of the warrior archetype split between two men and then merged into one, as Taylor finally departs from Vietnam, becoming a son born of these two fathers.

The Warrior is a complex archetype both idolized and dehumanized. The seasoned warrior knows death intimately, has merged with it, become one with it, and with acts that most of us will never experience nor even conceive in our lifetimes. Much like Arujna in the Bhavad Gita, the archer stuck in the limbo of soul splitting conflict when his dharma leads him into battle against his kinsmen, cousins, teachers and Beloved friends, surrendering to the dharma of the Warrior can summon an almost dehumanizing grace to a higher order void of an imposed inner moral compass.

In most great war epics, Platoon, being no exception, men move through physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual initiations to embody the warrior archetype, some initiations taking men into expanded awareness and a deep state of empathy and compassion for humanity and some moving men towards the shadow side of the Warrior archetype into a state of barbarianism. In the journey of Warrior Initiations and those that hold the Warrior Code of energy in their DNA, we can see how the Warrior Archetype power can be yielded grounded in spiritual laws and highest order or how it consume men who misuse and lust after ‘power-over’ verses power-within.

The young warrior spirit protects; an activist fighting for a cause, usually fed on transformative anger and the life force of testosterone with the mission that his life force will save and protect from an anchor of loyalty and devotion. The young warrior assumes he is working for the greater good and the loyalty and devotion of his spirit from his inner calling has led him to battle. The seasoned warrior spirit, or sage warrior surrenders to the battle because it is his dharma. He has been initiated into the ways of war and knows himself capable of any act, but the warrior sage uses his act with discernment rather than the ‘good moral compass’ of the young warrior. Like General Elias, he practices peacekeeping and uses combat with discernment but can also kick-ass when called upon.

The young or green warrior spirit is the one who thinks he can never perform a certain act, having separated himself from those he battles moving him out of the oneness of war, the oneness of being capable of any act. At this point the warrior is not in full service to the spirit of the warrior because he is still fighting the inner war. The sage warrior has conquered the inner war, read Yoda in Star Wars, where the calm of a oneness with death has settled into the body knowing intimately the dance of destruction and rebirth. With that removal the natural order of the warrior has been destroyed.

“I’ve held back a lot of tears but have learned ‘never say never’” the retired veteran said solemnly on our flight. I felt the presence of the sage warrior in his energy field, the calm strength I had tuned into earlier. Until we know ourselves capable of any act beyond right and wrong, can we truly own compassion and the grace of the Warrior as upheld by the Warrior’s Code.

“I love the military” he told me which from a civilian stand point I take as startling admission. “I walk with pride and it has carried over into how I am as a human being. Many young recruits who go through never apply their training to daily life. It has taught me so much, punctuality, respect, living by the Golden Rule – treating others how you want to be treated. But being a soldier I will never back down when summoned to fight. I am a soldier. I will always fight.” There was such truth in his words. This was his dharma. “I have to live by a military base now, even though I’m retired. It’s where I feel the most at home. It’s my life.” If one is born with the dharma of a warrior, one will always find a war and will always serve the cause as part of one’s universal duty. The warrior spirit has surrendered fully to its role for the sake of a higher order, part of the spirit is peace-keeping and order and part of the spirit is combat and transformation through destruction.

The army veteran I sat next to on my flight took his hat off for me to examine more closely. Battle Ready – Still Serving, was embroidered on the side of it. “That’s the nickname I had in Basic Training. It’s been with me ever since.”

What initations (life experiences) in your life have made you a warrior? What power are you serving and fighting for? What is your warrior’s code of ethics? Where are you seduced by power in your life and where are you serving power for the highest order? When do you back down from fighting from a place of weakness verses a place of strength?

Exercises to strengthen the inner warrior: Warrior Yoga Poses, Martial Arts, Kapalabhati Pranayama and Breath of Fire.

Dr. Shannon French, a professor of the US Naval Academy has written an amazing essay on the Warrior’s Code. Follow the link below:

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Iceland Turns Frigid ~ When did pro-feminism become anti-sex?

I read an article this morning by Julie Bindel from the UK’s Guaridian reporting that Iceland has passed a law that will result in all of the strip clubs in their country being shut down citing that no business be allowed to profit off the nudity of its employees. In my early college feminists days, I would have waved my high toting feminist flag while wearing my hair back and up in what my boyfriend of the time referred to as my angry scarf. I would have pounded the pavement with my other angry feminists sisters and fellow women’s studies majors in hi-laced combat boots or Earth mama Birkenstocks celebrating this moment as a movement on behalf of the rights of women. But this morning, eight years later, I cringed. The article and law reeked of outdated second wave feminism ideology suppressing an equally powerful uprising force, women’s sexual freedom and empowerment in all its shapes and forms. I also cringe at this article today, knowing that the more liberated, whole and healed I become as a woman, the more I celebrate my sexuality, nudity and the exchange of energy for my work which includes at times both nudity and sexuality, for money.

I make my profession, fulfill my dharma and live out my soul’s purpose on this Earth through unfolding both men and women to the beauty of their bodies, their sexuality, their wholeness. I am one of those people who Iceland’s feminist prime-minister Johanna Sigurdardottir’s ban would have affected in an anti-feminist AND anti-sex way. Today I reflect for a moment on how grateful I am to live in the country where I live, how grateful I am that women are in positions of power and that feminists have paved the way for me like Johanna Sigurdardottir to be the empowered woman I am today. I also stop to ask questions such as “Is it so hard to fathom that a woman might, Goddess forbid, be empowered by her sexuality enough to want to strip?” Is it so preposterous to think that sexual surrogates might actually be called to do what they do because it’s healing for both them and their clients?

To this, I address the Sex Industry Entry Point for Women:

There are three avenues a woman enters the sex industry, by force, by circumstance and by choice and ultimately it would be useful to have laws and systems taken into account for all of these entry points into the industry. The trafficking and exploitation of women and children in the sex industry is a rape of our planet and our humanity and effective laws are absolutely necessary to support healing and transforming both the women who have been exploited and the men who are doing the exploiting. But what does a whole healed woman look like? Could she look like a stripper? At this point Johanna Sigurdardottir’s administration has not taken into account women’s’ entry point into the sex industry where intention and empowered choice become a catalyst for healing and transformation.

I propose to Iceland’s administration a quite miraculous model Eve Ensler has moved forth onto the planet – using her Award Winning women positive and sex positive play The Vagina Monologues to raise awareness and benefit causes that promote ending violence against women. Couldn’t this massive, lucrative, mostly male run and female employed industry be better served if a portion of the proceeds went in fact to rehabilitate persons who had experienced their time in the sex industry through circumstance or force rather than by pro-active conscious choice and also create more structured laws in place to unionize dancers rights?

In responses to the new law recently passed where no business can profit off the nudity of its employees, Miriam of responds: “A feminist victory, in my opinion, would be a highly regulated industry that made sure dancer's rights were protected. One where workers were paid good wages, were able to unionize, had full benefits, were able to set boundaries with customers and have those boundaries protected. One that ensured that these immigrant women were not being brought to Iceland against their will.”

I think we all know from past experience that beyond stripping, the oldest profession will always be that, the oldest profession and will eventually push these communities underground which endanger most of all the women workers and not the men who have been doing the exploiting. By alienating our men from having the opportunity to rise up and support women and their sexual empowerment, we have created an even deeper and oppressive shadow by creating separation and isolation rather than mutually beneficial activism.

I personally extend an invitation to Johanna Sigurdardottir and Kolbrún Halldórsdóttir who first proposed this ban, to attend any Naked Yoga class, Clothing Optional Holy Body Interfaith Worship Services, or Sensual Shaman Session free of charge to witness what whole, healed sexual people look like in a consciously nude, celebratory and symbiotic environment. Johanna and Kolbrún, I await your response.

Guardian UK writer Julie Bindel writes:

Miriam of

Friday, March 5, 2010

Sexually Transmitted Spirits

This is an amazing article about Sexually Transmitted Spirits. I encouraged everyone to read about it and if any of this resonates with you, to seek out a soul retrieval and shamanic cleansing ceremony. I have encountered a handful of clients in my practice who have greatly benefitted from soul clearings from loose spirits or exorcisms. Exorcism is a loaded word and I, like many of us, can't help but flash back to the 1973 Linda Blaire movie. I'm afraid most exorcisms are not so dramatic as Hollywood would have us believe they are and seldom occur with a 'bad, evil or demonic' spirits but mostly just a lost spirit who needs a host because it cannot find its way home. That said, spiritual possession can be incredibly disorienting and confusing for the individual and may involve energy draining, identity confusion and acting out of a place that seems uncharacteristic of normal behavior.

In my own life, I had a similar experience this past year where an egg from my egg donation procedure in 2004 was fertilized in another woman's body in 2009 and the spirit of the baby tried to incarnate in my body because I shared its biological blueprint. What did that mean exactly? Phantom pregnancy. My body began to mirror the systems of a pregnant woman and I began making decisions from a place in my being including the attached spirit. My symptoms began with acting over motherly and taking precautions not to engage in vigorous or stressful activity. I also began actively seeking out pregnant women to converse with and began to distance myself from my friends who did not have children or families and began seeking out new groups of friends who did. Thanks to the support of a few close healing friends, I was able to successfully release any contracts I had with this being and guide its spirit to its birth mother who was creating a home for it on Earth. Egg donation is a dicey business. Still exploratory at best and lets just say in 2004 when I signed up to donate some of my eggs to help me pay for yoga school, the last thing I was concerned with was years later being possessed by a spirit baby.

Spirit possession doesn't always happen from a procreative place, but because so much power and energy is held in fertility and the act of sexuality that it is one of the easiest times to transmit spirit possession from one person to another. High ecstasy, acts of violence, especially sexual violence can transfer spirits from one being to another or a person can open up to a loose spirit because it may seem to be an ideal host in the moment. Many victims of rape, sexual abuse and assault suffer from spirit possession because the body's energy system becomes compromised. There are helpful words of wisdom in this article.

I hope you find it useful and for those of you who this strongly resonates with, please seek out assistance from a shamanic practitioner.

In Love & Light,

Friday, February 26, 2010

Sensual Shamanic Yoga

Sensual Shamanic Yoga -
(image by Susan Seddon Boulet)

It was an intimate gathering this past Monday evening, the final class in Sensual Shamanic Yoga. Five of us gathered and held space for ourselves and the practice. I had been getting the hit for a week now to move deeper into animal spirit energy with the class. We began our class by heightening our five senses and moving deeper into scent, taste, skin sensation, sight without eyes and acute awareness to the subtle frequencies of sound.

We then journeyed to receive the animal that was most useful to merge with during the first part of class. Mother Spider appeared to me. We bowed and acknowledged each other and then merged into each other making the connection, linking our nervous systems. My legs spun inwards and energy surged up through my eight limbs and deep into the spindles of my belly. My hands were delicate but strong and four additional etheric legs spun out of my body giving me supreme balance held up by an octahedron of energy and many eyes. The animal body is confident and aware of the totality of her presence at all times. She never ceases to exist in any part of herself. There is never a removed sense of consciousness from any part of the body, she and the body have become one. Nature demands this unwavering presence for survival – to merge fully with the body, to align the body / spirit relationship with nature because the elements and the food chain demand existing in a constant state of oneness. The animal kingdom exists in constant meditation, fully in every present moment and hyper-aware of everything around it. It does not forget how to find food or build nests or migrate to warmer climates. It remembers; it opens to its truest state of being.

Shamanic Yoga Journey:

Getting in touch with the animal body ~

Tools, eye coverings, yoga mat, blanket

Lie down on your yoga mat in an area of your home you consider sacred and that allows for movement. Feel your body against the Earth. Begin to deepen your breath and settle into the body. Once you have settled begin to visualize yourself in place you feel to be sacred. This could be the room your are currently in, a place from your childhood, a place in nature or a magical place you’ve just created. Feel yourself in this new surrounding. Once you feel in a calm space in your new sacred surrounding, put out a call to your animal spirit, holding the intention that the animal spirit most appropriate for this embodiment journey will appear to you. Be open to receive whatever animal spirit shows up without judgment. Acknowledge each other with a bow and ask permission to merge with your animal spirit. When permission is granted feel yourself inside its body, its legs, its eyes, its heartbeat, its energy. Once the connection has been made, slowly begin to rise up off your reclining positioning on your yoga mat and move to your hands and knees maintaining the connection with you animal spirit. Begin to allow the freedom of movement and the merging of your energy inside the animal blueprint of energy to influence how you move.

If you have a yoga practice try two rounds of Sun Salutes in the energy of this animal to give your movement structure and be open to how the animal’s energy influences your yoga routine. After the Sun Salutes return to a gentle movement meditation on your mat in your animal body. Allow any new or intuited yoga poses of this animal spirit to rise up form within you and express themselves through movement and sound on your mat. When that feels complete, come to a resting pose and release the connection with your animal spirit. Ask your animal spirit if it has anymore information that is useful to share with you at this time. Acknowledge your animal spirit with a bow or other gesture of gratitude and journey back fully to your human body. Move through two rounds of Sun Salutes on your mat intending your human body and human energy. Close your practice with Savasana or seated meditation.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Earth My Body

Earth My Body is a sensual movement meditation on the physical body as a microcosom to the Earth Body Macrocosom. The low phonations pitches in the music were channelled when directly connecting to the Earth Bodies internal moans. May we continue to expand our understanding and deepen our awareness and relationship with our holy bodies and Her holy body.

Love & Blessings,

Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Keening

The Keening is a movement meditation on Grief; a journey from heartbreak to healing. It is only when we can fully sit in our grief, to embody and feel it completely that we can then move through it. Without conscious acknowledgement and embodiment, grief lurks in the collective shadow and clings to us mercilessly. A week after the Haiti Earthquake, I was attending a yoga class at the studio in midtown I frequent. I was on my menstrual cycle, usually a woman's most psychic, powerful and empathic time of the month. As such, I had been offering healing meditations to people of Haiti earlier that day. When we sat in the beginning of the yoga class, our hands in prayer pose to join in the sound of Om, my wrists began to experience pain they had never felt. The pain was so severe that tears began to stream down my face as we chanted. I felt the grief of Haiti in my wrists. The heightened empathy of my menstrual cycle plugged me into the collective pain body and global suffering from the Earthquake. A week after the quake, I felt our disjointed movement of aid, hands giving and hands unable to receive, the disjointed flow of energy as mothers reached for children, children for parents, long distance relatives for missing family. The flow of life form one hand, not reaching the other. A flood of grief moved through my body. I felt the desperation of the Haitian people, the grief of those trying to support a community in chaos and the grief of the Haitian people not being able to receive aid due to the unstable environment. I offer this short film as a meditation. To move through the places in the physical body where grief is being held and to move through the collective pain body where our ancient and collective grief is held. May we all experience universal healing.

The Keening

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Wisdom from a Weather Witch

“A little bit of salt just makes ice mad” my father said in the blizzard conditions of Tulsa over the Christmas holiday when he and my mother had been housebound for almost a week due to poor weather conditions and a city with not enough snow ploughs. My father is a weather witch, or more conventionally he runs an HVAC business but I've seen him in our backyard when I was young tracking electrical lines with dowsing rods and lets just say, being part Cherokee, his tribal roots and daily meditation practice often spurred moments of spiritual insight to move through him in the guise of weather metaphors.

So why were these same words echoing through my head this week during an Iyengar yoga class where I was strapped into Supta Virasana. This was the third excruciating Supta Virasana in three days. Why? Because I only do this a little bit. In fact, on general principle I tended towards ignoring the pose completely until my Iyengar yoga teacher decided he’d begin every class for a week with this pose. This was the third class of Supta Virasana in three days and my body was PISSED!

“A little bit of salt just makes ice mad,” my father’s voice echoed in my head again and I almost snorted trying to hold in my laughter. I saw clearly my child-like behavior around not wanting to eat my yogic brussell sprouts because they tasted bad. If I continued to just do this pose a little, it would always piss me off because I wasn’t getting to the core issue of what was underlying all this pain and anger in my knees. I would continue to avoid the pose all together like being permanently home-bound in an ice storm or I would do it half-hearted and just get pissed and slip on the ice anyway. This week my Iyengar teacher encouraged us to do this pose everyday with the support of sitting on a phone book until our sit bones could come to the floor. “It takes dedication to the practice,” he said. “Each day you do this pose, take a page out of the phone book.” Today I got my phone book. Thanks Dad.


What do you ignore routinely because it’s painful or uncomfortable even though it’s useful?

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Imbolc Passion & Sensuous Magic

Beloved Friends,

I just returned from a breath-taking trip to Vermont to visit with my dearest friend and first spiritual teacher, a Celtic Witch who resides in a small cape house surrounded by snow-capped mountains. During my days with her, I kept having a very strange feeling over-take my body. I was frequently in an altered state and my level of arousal was animal-like. All day I would feel a heat and tingling in my sacrum, womb-center and along the back of my neck, like being in a constant state of heightened peace-inducing passion. It wasn't until we moved into ritual together that I realized that it was the quickening I was feeling - the orgasmic life-force energy of the Earth was beginning to build as nature began to contemplate Spring. In the waves of Winters Magic she and I dove into the energies of the season and created a beautiful Imbolc ritual in the hayloft of her barn surround by melting snow and a deep silence. The magic of connecting with the season was instantaneous and I was reminded how infinite our true nature is when we simply open to it.

In the wheel of the year, this time is known as Imbolc. Imbolc is the mid point between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox. The days are slowly growing longer and there is a quickening and magic present in the air. Brigit, the Celtic Goddess sacred to this holy time, is a young bride, maiden and keeper of the holy flame and sacred well who encourages us to cast off the fallen past year and look to the quickening and growing warmth within our own belly and sex center as the light continues her return.

Holy wells and sacred flames, the sacred symbols to Brigit are symbols of passion, sensuality and rebirth. Set aside a special time to connect with the energies of Imbolc and reflect on - What part of yourself is rebirthing? What is the fire in your belly igniting? If you surrendered fearlessly to your passion where would it lead you?

Wishing you Imbolc Blessings!
ISIS Phoenix