Friday, March 5, 2010

Sexually Transmitted Spirits

This is an amazing article about Sexually Transmitted Spirits. I encouraged everyone to read about it and if any of this resonates with you, to seek out a soul retrieval and shamanic cleansing ceremony. I have encountered a handful of clients in my practice who have greatly benefitted from soul clearings from loose spirits or exorcisms. Exorcism is a loaded word and I, like many of us, can't help but flash back to the 1973 Linda Blaire movie. I'm afraid most exorcisms are not so dramatic as Hollywood would have us believe they are and seldom occur with a 'bad, evil or demonic' spirits but mostly just a lost spirit who needs a host because it cannot find its way home. That said, spiritual possession can be incredibly disorienting and confusing for the individual and may involve energy draining, identity confusion and acting out of a place that seems uncharacteristic of normal behavior.

In my own life, I had a similar experience this past year where an egg from my egg donation procedure in 2004 was fertilized in another woman's body in 2009 and the spirit of the baby tried to incarnate in my body because I shared its biological blueprint. What did that mean exactly? Phantom pregnancy. My body began to mirror the systems of a pregnant woman and I began making decisions from a place in my being including the attached spirit. My symptoms began with acting over motherly and taking precautions not to engage in vigorous or stressful activity. I also began actively seeking out pregnant women to converse with and began to distance myself from my friends who did not have children or families and began seeking out new groups of friends who did. Thanks to the support of a few close healing friends, I was able to successfully release any contracts I had with this being and guide its spirit to its birth mother who was creating a home for it on Earth. Egg donation is a dicey business. Still exploratory at best and lets just say in 2004 when I signed up to donate some of my eggs to help me pay for yoga school, the last thing I was concerned with was years later being possessed by a spirit baby.

Spirit possession doesn't always happen from a procreative place, but because so much power and energy is held in fertility and the act of sexuality that it is one of the easiest times to transmit spirit possession from one person to another. High ecstasy, acts of violence, especially sexual violence can transfer spirits from one being to another or a person can open up to a loose spirit because it may seem to be an ideal host in the moment. Many victims of rape, sexual abuse and assault suffer from spirit possession because the body's energy system becomes compromised. There are helpful words of wisdom in this article.

I hope you find it useful and for those of you who this strongly resonates with, please seek out assistance from a shamanic practitioner.

In Love & Light,