Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Shaman's Perception on Earth's Essential Oils

Essential oils are the immune system and life force energy of the plant. The aromatic structure triggers something deep within the ancient brain returning us to a state of healing and Earth connection on a cellular level. While there are many compounds in herbs and their natural occurring essential oils that heal, it is the aromatic essence of the plant that can deliver us to a level of healing on an emotional, spiritual and physical level.

Ancient medicine stories, speak of an Earth that provides a remedy for every ailment within Herself, much like natural function of the human body, able to protect itself from numerous illnesses and diseases throughout its lifetime. Our body is a mirror of the Earth body. The immune systems of the plant bodies on Earth, mirror the immune systems of the human body that exist on her, making human immune systems and plant immune systems quite compatible with each other. It’s nature’s way of protecting her children – within each sickness lies the cure. In tribal cultures, shamans and medicine women spoke and meditated with the Earth and its plant lives, asking for guidance around Her medicine. The plants responded and today grow countless plant remedies for medicine and healing.

Medicinal plants have been used for centuries for healing purposes, perhaps longer than even we know. There are accounts of use of herbal remedies and plant medicine as far back as Neolithic and Paleolithic times thru Egypt, Rome, Greece, a wisdom that was so readily available to us but which most of humanity has briefly forgotten due to our unconscious disconnection with the planet.

During many fear driven times on our Earth, those that could commune with Nature and receive plant wisdom were subjects of persecution - which led to punishment ranging from intuitive intolerance to punishment by death which was much seen during the time of witch trials. Our intuitive abilities naturally shut down during these times, going into disconnect from Earth wisdom and our natural connection to her healing energy and information. We are steadily recovering. In fact, during times of great oppression which is also the most likely time for pandemics to surface, natural and holistic medicine traditions have always spiraled back around. The wisdom may go to sleep for short periods of time, but is always reawakened when we are ready to receive it.

The link below is a beautiful audio recording of David Crowe's take on the Dharma or role of healing with essential oils. Welcome back this healing wisdom with me.

Free Audio Download: Dharma of Essential Oils and The Flowering of Spiritual Culture