Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Note on the Autumn Equinox

Balancing of the Fall Equinox
The fall Equinox has arrived as we bid the last day of summer farewell. The lunar and solar energies are in the rare position of perfect balance where day and night, masculine and feminine, stand in equillibrium to one and other. Passing through Central Park yesterday, I noticed the first visual changes in nature's transformation as clumps of yellow leaves appreaed on a handful of trees. In Earth-based traditions, this was a time of second Harvest, moving to the fields for a second time to prepare ourselves for a journey into a colder season and transition into growing darkness.

It hearlds Persepohone's return to the under world, a time of introspection where our planet begins to move into dominance of darkness. This myth often characterizes Persephone as a helpless vrgin maiden held against her will by a dark God Hades as her mother pines for her return on Earth, letting the vast abundance of the earth go to seed while she searches and mourns for her abducted daughter. Before traditional Greek myth was reinterpreted with this victim consciousness, another perception on this transition was Persephone descending at will to persure her courtship and raputre in the dance of darkness, finding enlightenment and luminosity in a conscious descent into the under wrold where balance can occur within all things. Today we hover in a point of balance, where night and dark are at equillibrium, and our inner state, reflected by our outer is preparing for descent into the mystery teachings of the divine feminine. At this time of second Harvest, we are in essence, packing our bags, gathering our supplies for the descent. What resources do we need to gather for this journey into the underworld and dark half of the year? Where do our inner worlds and outer worlds require balancing in this moment in time? Who is awaiting us in this long descent? What part of ourselves are we preparing to cultivate in the dark belly of the Earth?

The mysteries are continuing to unfold as we move through a global healing of our sacred sexual energies on the planet. Pleasure, love, wholeness are becoming more accessible to us, and we must equally look at our own darkness in this dance of pleasure, rapture and love.

I look forward to sharing and celebrating in this Autumnal moment of balance with you!

Love & Blessings,
ISIS - Centerholder of Phoenix Temple