Saturday, August 6, 2011

WIN a FREE Session! Asana Exposed - The Book

ASANA EXPOSED - A Book illustrating the Transformative Practice of Naked Yoga.

Submit your story and WIN a FREE Session

After years of witnessing miracles in the practice of naked yoga, spirit has called me to create a medium that can reach more people. This medium is YOUR story. I am partnering with Mike Cinquino to create a photographic essay of the experience of naked yoga over the years coupled with stories of individuals whose lives have been trasformed through this practice. If this practice has touched, moved or inspired your life, we want to hear YOUR story. The most moving story will receive a free private yoga session with me and will be published in the September newsletter and on the Sensual Shaman blog. You are welcome to remain anonymous in your share :)

Below are some writing prompts if you feel inspired to share your story.

Tell me the story of your body.

Why did your soul choose this body?

What is yoga to you?

How has yoga transformed your life and your relationship to your body?

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned from your body over the years?

How has naked yoga transformed your life?

What has become available to you in the naked yoga practice that was not available to you before?

Please share your story by September 5th to be considered for the FREE private session :) Email your stories to